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Regional Case Competitions

YGCC, PUGCC, and CGCC are non-profit student organizations of graduate students from Yale, Princeton, and Columbia University, who are dedicated to supporting and preparing members for a consulting career through various endeavors, including weekly workshops, panels, competitions, and pro bono projects.  In 2021, our respective memberships average 1500, and our members have received a record number of offers from top management and healthcare consulting firms. 

In 2022, our three consulting clubs united to offer the first regional case competition opened to all graduate students. We each drew on a strong experience running case competitions with our own clubs, Learn more about our common events, and case competitions offered at Yale, Princeton, and Columbia


As an integral part of our program, we have each hosted the annual case competition for over a decade where talented participants from top universities across the country compete as teams to solve real-world business problems and present to professional consultant judges. ​With the joint effort of the three clubs this year, we are excited to introduce the first regional YPC Case Competition, anticipating greater impact and another record of participation. Join us to celebrate this historic collaboration between our three consulting clubs.


Yale GCC Case Competitions

The Yale Graduate Consulting Club (YGCC) has held over a decade of case competitions. In 2021, a record number of 20 teams and 110 participants from 33 institutions virtually competed in the 10th Annual YGCC Case Competition. Five leading consulting firms served as sponsors and 10 professional consultants were actively involved in the competition. Learn more about YGCC here

Princeton GCC Case Competitions

The Princeton University Graduate Consulting Club (PUGCC) has held 5 case competitions since 2015, with an average of 95 participants. Learn more about PUGCC here.


Columbia GCC Case Competitions

The Columbia Graduate Consulting Club (CGCC) has held 5 competitions since 2015, with the last one gathering 98 participants. Learn more about CGCC here